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Creating A Reponsive Email List – Building A Strong Relationship Is The Key


E-mail marketing is one of the best way to market to somebody. It’s one of the first ways for most marketers to get there brand and voice out to their list. It’s your subscribers first chance to bond with you and you with them. You want to learn this stuff because you can really create a strong subscriber base that just defend you, that just check out what you do regularly because they like and trust you. 

Many people believe that email is becoming far less effective with the constant bombarding of their inboxes with offers of all kinds.  Also there is a big emphasis by some on what I would call a sort of churn and burn email marketing which you certainly can do profitably but you have to be able to overcome the massive unsubscribes to your list by bringing in lots of fresh new subscribers constantly. 

My personal focus has always been on trying to deliver as much value and build the best relationships I can.  It isn’t always easy when you get started because your entire focus has to be on subscribers and sales.  In the early stages of building your list to email, at least in my opinion, you are doing solo ads and adswaps which can run counter to your relationship building.  As you grow and get to where you have 5000 subscribers or more it becomes much easier to do webinars, podcasts and videos to improve your relationship with your email list.  The sooner they get to meet you in a video or webinar it only helps to improve your relationships as they get to know and like you.

So in finishing up my post for today you’ll see that after the initial focus of subscribers and sales, your relationship is the key to growth.  I’ve seen people with relatively small lists that they have great relationships with beat out marketers with bigger lists in income and affiliate contests.  What can you do to add more value to your subscribers today?  Tossing them another freebie might not go as far as a great personalized video message.





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