John Paduchak

Global Reach for
Local Professionals

We help you reach a broader global market so you can share your knowledge with the world

John Paduchak helps local professional service providers take their credibility online and amplify it to the world so they can extend their reach and acquire clients on a global scale.

How we can help

Video Marketing

Do you need a fast way to grow authority while remaining genuine to your values? There is no better way than using talking head video. With the exposure you get from video, you can go from just existing online to being seen in multiple places by your ideal target market.

Group Mentoring and Coaching

Going at this alone can be a scary thought. Especially when trying to apply both the technical and tactical areas. That’s why we have a free Facebook group and an inner circle of accountability for those who want to take it to the next level. Learn more and join your colleagues today.

1 on 1 with John

If you need more hand holding, you can get direct access to me through my Voxer coaching. If you have a question on a specific strategy, that’s what this is for. Hey, you can even use it for times when you are feeling defeated. Find out more about my unlimited voxer coaching here.

How it works

Let’s grow your authority and worldwide reach through Video Marketing.

YouTube Video Marketing

YouTube is the second biggest search engine next to Google. If you can get ranked for a term on YouTube, chances are you’ll be found in both Google’s search results AND YouTube’s results.

This together will impact the reach of your message.

We can help you prepare the right keywords to rank for as well as assist you in preparing for and delivering your message online.

Facebook Live Video Marketing

It seems everybody is doing Facebook Live these days. But most people are doing it wrong. Let us help you formulate your own Facebook plan so your videos will have more reach, better authenticity and higher engagement. Stand out among the noise!

Content Syndication

Did you know that the best way to amplify your message is to broadcast it across multiple platforms at the same time?

This is one of our specialties and we can show you how. Imagine being able to broadcast to Facebook and YouTube at the same time as well as repurposing your content into other mediums.

How would that impact your reach?

Who is this for

Professional Offline Consultants who want to go global

If you are a Chiropractor, Doctor, Dentist or Lawyer wanting to take your expertise online and reach your peers; then this coaching system is for you. You’ll be able to essentially become the coach’s coach and train your peers to do what you have been doing well for years.

Online Service Provider

This coaching is a great fit for Virtual Assistants, Freelancers and other online professionals who want to build a bigger list and obtain more clients online.

Info Product Vendors

If you have something of value to sell online, but are not finding the reach; this is a perfect coaching system for you. You can grow your following and showcase your expertise – all while gaining the keys to selling more of your courses or info products online.

Want to extend your reach and credibility? Get started today with a free strategy session and find the best pathway for you.