John Paduchak

Building Systems and Stategies is about systems and strategies to simplify your business and online business with an emphasis on video marketing. After being in business for many years, you begin to realize that your mindset, simplification of your business and developing business systems is a key to your success in staying in business. John became very involved in Google Hangouts, Google Plus and Social Media when Hangouts was a big thing. Because of that early work, live video and webinars became his primary area of expertise. He also produces his own live video, YouTube Channel and podcasts. We were also early producers of video summits. John also works with local Boston, MA and New Hampshire area businesses to increase their visibility and brand awareness through Social Media and Video Marketing. Here’s a podcast that I did a few years ago with my friend, Paul Jenkins, who interviewed me for his podcast.  

“My goal here is to help you get more involved with utilizing live video to attract more Perfect Customers to your business.”


John has been in the Internet Marketing world since 2008 and became a full time online marketer in June of 2010.  John’s background is in offline marketing, Financial Services and sales.  In his thirties, John created a financial services business of his own and a Massage Therapy business with his wife, Andrea.  Within months, both businesses were booming and quickly bringing in great cashflow.

Eventually, John started to utilize online marketing to get more leads and customers for his offline businesses and diversify into video.

Now living in a beautiful house in New Hampshire, John and his family enjoy camping, hiking, movies, socializing and teaching their 2 children the family business.

The Vision

John’s strengths have been visionary in nature, with a strong talent for sales, video and traffic generation. Live streaming video and its integration with  Communities and Social Media have become a passion for him.

With the dream of one day writing several books of his own, John continues to shoot for the stars and dream big dreams.  Aside from his niche marketing and domaining ventures, John spends a great deal of time developing new products, podcasting, producing video, listbuilding and helping others quit their jobs through private mentoring!

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