John Paduchak

Interested in Social Media, Google Hangouts and Google + Communities, Join our Free Google Community for the Big Social Experiment

We’re going to do a big social experiment.  I’ll probably be killed by rogue IMers for what I am planning to share on Google Hangouts, g+ communities and whatever else I can come up with on the fly. So join us for the Big Social Experiment starting right after we finish up with on saturday.  You won’t believe what I’m planning to reveal so get in this week if you have an interest.  We’re starting to line up on getting a big group together so if you would like in click this link and join the fun>> or scan the QR code below with your ipad or phone


[wpe_youtube url=”” width=”600″ height=”450″]

Hope to see you all on the inside.   This is a little video we did about the community using Google Hangouts in an interview format.


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