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Setting The Tone For Your Brand and Blog – What is Branding and Why Is It So Important?

It's all about branding and mindset

Hi Readers,

It’s a milestone when you finally break ground on a new blog and start to build your brand for a new business. I chose to do it after starting a new internet marketing list on reaching my 4000 subscriber mark and I plan to share as I go along how I’m making it happen.

Let’s talk about branding for a moment because after all it is in the title of this post. What is branding? First and foremost, I believe it is simply about getting people to know and like you so they buy your product in it’s simplest form. How do we accomplish that online? Well, the easiest way to get people to know and like you is by seeing you and being able to interact through blogging, video, podcasting, webinars, and social media. The people we serve appreciate us when we go out of our way to deliver value at every turn and interaction. Part of branding and reputation building, aside from just getting your name and face out there is being known as the person that constantly over delivers and goes above and beyond to serve giving tremendous value at every turn. How do you do that? Find someone you think of highly and strive to do what they do modeling them at every turn. This is the era of high touch customer service and going above and beyond all expectations. If you model other successful businesses, it is the easiest path to achieving similar results.

People frequently ask how to be successful in your own business and the key is mindset. I mention this here because it goes along hand in hand with branding. If you over deliver, serve first and have a mindset of getting out there to develop relationships with the people your business serves you can’t help but be successful.

I’m anxious to hear your thoughts on branding and the high touch era of customer service so please send me your comments and I want to invite you to look over my shoulder as we go forward on this journey together in Internet Marketing.  On that note, let me pose this question… How do you feel about your own branding, and what could you do to begin building your brand today?

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