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WebinarJam Review – We Take a Close Look at WebinarJam from Mike Filsaime and our Webinar Jam Bonus Package

We have been using Webinar Jam from Mike Filsaime and have been extremely happy with what we have seen so far.

There a lot of extras that can be done with this and we did a walk through of the product on YouTube Webinar Jam Live Walkthrough – Webinar Jam Bonus Lots of good content with an offer at the end with our bonus if you like it. This is a Q & A Ted Wosko did for our friends.

Q Did you buy this? A Yes we bought this and are using it.

Q Would you recommend it? A Yes we would (we are an affiliate for this product and only sell things that we believe in)

Q What’s your Bonus A You get hangouts made easy lite and approved access to our closed Hangout mastermind group. We now have the largest WebinarJam support group on G+ with over 1100 members.

Q Have you used other hangout products? A Yes we have used webinar Express and the Hangout plugin but will be using Webinar jam from now on

Q Can we ask you more questions? A yes you can comment here on the blog, in the videos on YouTube and the WebinarJam Replay Q&A goes directly to my email

I would add this to what Ted already said and that is the following. Here are a few specific things I like that I don’t see in any of the other Hangout Webinar Plugins or systems. Just to add my 2 cents. We also learned hangouts with Mike and believe he has a vision pretty similar to ours. We designed a bonus to help others build on our experiences of being real world users of WebinarJam and are adding a specific area to our Hangout Mastermind group to just give real world support. We’ve used everything else out there and this so far has been the best we found. I was even instrumental in some development in Hangout plugin and we have been doing the same with WebinarJam. You can always comment on YouTube or G+ while you are watching the videos where if we are around we reply in minutes. One of the things that sold me on WebinarJam because I personally have used hangouts mostly for large panel summits and The fly in Popins for offers was a feature had been looking for specifically and I have only seen it in webinarJam. Many times with multiple speakers you have or want to make multiple offers. We had found our own ways to do this but they are built into WebinarJam. They allow you to put in multiple offers as the event is going on. This to me is a Game changer as is the option to do Pay Events. Chat, Poll, and Live Fly Ins worked great. You can also make the webinars private, and access the WJ API. There are many implementations coming along such as with LeadPages and Infusionsoft. I also personally like that the developers are listening to our input.

We found everything pretty simple to set up as far as registration of attendees goes and you are walked through step by step with video help at each point.

I only found 2 challenges in working with it and they are. 1.) I and others have found support can take a little while to get back to you with responses that has improved significantly with WJs official Facebook support group. 2.) We have a very open line of communication with the developers and have indicated a few challenges with Hybrid video playback or predefined video which are being addressed. To some this may be a deal breaker so feel free to reach out if you have questions.

Watch the video and I think you will have all the information you require.

Here are a few additional videos you may find helpful…

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