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WebinarExpress Vs. Hangout Plugin for Google Hangouts Review

WebinarExpress Vs. Hangout Plugin for Google Hangouts Review If you are looking at Webinar Express and hangout plugin I demo them both live and compare their features. Each one has their benefits and if you are thinking of purchasing either one click the links below the video to learn more about them and read below about my exclusive bonus if you purchase through my affiliate link

My Summary:
If you are new to hangouts, like their look and feel for roundtable and group discussion with the built in ability to do screenshare I prefer the Hangout Plugin from Walter Bayliss.

If however you are a Goto Webinar fanatic then WebinarExpress may be right for you.

Some people pointed out that the demo makes it look like I prefer Webinar Express but quite the opposite is true. It’s just that Webinar Express has more features to demo.


I have a quick cheat sheet for Hangouts and am expecting to have a full blown product put together by the end of next week. If you purchase either plugin through my link and send your receipt to support AT I will verify your purchase and send you a copy of the Cheat Sheet and Product as my Bonus.

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