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Local Domain Empire Review – reopens for a limited time discount

Local Domain Empire is a product by Gene Pimentel. The basic premise behind it is speculating in local keyword rich domain names such as Boston Divorce Attorney, Orlando Landscaper, BestNashvilleLocksmith and picking up the .com name. You can then put a WordPress site on it and find a local business to buy or rent the site from you. Gene takes you through all the steps to do it right every step of the way. I learned these techniques from Gene personally and have used them myself to generate traffic for our own offline businesses so I know it works first hand. The system has only improved over the years.

Gene also has a system called Domain Clout which you can see here at

Local Domain Empire is a system for buying and selling local domains to local businesses to capitalize on the need for businesses to improve advertising and get a better ROI. The system is easy to follow and beautifully crafted by Gene Pimentel who earns his living predominantly selling domains. This easy system is a terrific way to put some cash in your pocket. Having mentored with Gene in domaining I personal know just how well his methods work. Included are WordPress, Facebook, and Twitter editable templates and some brilliant strategies to find great local domain names and save money purchasing them. In fact, I picked up some techniques I applied immediately to my own business for a local client I am working with. So this method is extremely easy to implement.

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