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Dennis Becker Amazing Amazon Genie Review – Getting Started on Amazon FBA on a shoestring budget

Many courses are being sold on Amazon FBA for up to $4,000 (Amazon Selling Machine to be specific) and I found them very underwhelming in many instances. I had an early version of ASM, Amazon Selling Machine. My friend, Dennis Becker, put Amazing Amazon Genie together and is selling his book and checklists for an unbelievable price you have to see. Look at the video description or here for more details.

Dennis has a background of sourcing products and selling as a PowerSeller on Ebay so he does a great job in this guide to really bring you through everything you need to know to sell on Amazon and be successful there. His entire premise is to guide you from starting with $0 and show you step by step how you can scale up. We know people making 5 and 6 figure monthly incomes on Amazon through FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) and now Dennis has broken down the barrier for entry so you can do it too without taking out a second mortgage. People are paying exorbitant amounts to learn the strategies so the opportunity is certainly there. The book guides you through everything you need to know including arbitrage, Private Labeling.

You will discover:

Exactly what FBA is and why it’s the most powerful method of earning money online… probably to date
How to earn money on Amazon with no money, list, or traffic
How you can turn “trash into treasure” and earn $100′s or $1,000′s from what you have lying around your home
How to quickly build your business to a full time income, starting from $0

Thanks and Enjoy the video. Again you can buy it here for more details.

Review by John Paduchak

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