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Copy Sniper Reviews – Professional Copywriting Software That Blew My Mind and 4 Reasons You Need It

Ted and I had a terrific interview with Brett Thomson from Copy Sniper and if you know me I’m not easily impressed. I frequently buy software that helps me reduce my workload. I’m not a very technical person in many aspects and there are a few tasks that don’t fit into my realm or flow some of which are setting up my own wordpress sites, writing copy for sales letters or emails, and design work. Very often I will come across a software like Copy Sniper which attacks one of these tasks only to then buy it and come away with a heavy sense of buyers remorse. We have reviewed some great software over the last few days and on a scale of 1 to 5, I would give Copy Sniper and 11. Let me tell you why.

Copy Sniper is the professional copywriting software that totally blew me away and 4 reasons why you should have it as part of your internet marketing arsenal.

1.) It’s incredibly easy to use. I watched Bret demo the software and it is clear that Leon Jay found a way to bottle the essence of Brett Thomson in the copywriting software that is Copy Sniper. If you watch Brett go through step by step you can easily see that swipe files can work to help you write great copy. What we would normally do line by line utilyzing copy swipes that we collect over the years was beautifully integrated into this software. He wrote an amazing letter in under 10 minutes.

2.) What’s your time worth? I’m coming off a week where I have been working on our salesletter and emails for Hangouts Made Easy. It’s been a trying experience that I found extremely daunting so I finally had to pass it off to a friend who writes copy and pay to get it done. Now even though it’s a friend I will still be paying nearly the cost of Copy Sniper to get it done for a one time deal so this is a great value.

3.) Use it for your own copy and sell copywriting services to others. The copy from Copy Sniper is so good that I am actually considering selling copy as a service and using it to fulfill the orders. People are always looking for great copy for sales letters, emails and more. As Brett said on the call, this isn’t hiring me personally to write a $25,000 salesletter for you, but it is probably worth $3000. Hey if it only took you an hour to put together a salesletter and a series of 3 emails for $500 for most seeking copywriting services that would be a tremendous bargain. You should see some of the quotes I received putting my job out. They ranged from $300 – $1000+ for a 1 off job so to be able to use Copy Sniper over and over again is huge.

4.) Copy Sniper creates great copy and formats it for instant uploading. Brett put an emphasis on just how important it is to get your design looking right and professional. He also showed how easy it was to write our salesletter; unrehearsed, unplanned, on the spot. This was extremely impressive to me and on top of it I was reaching for my wallet reading it. The copy was excellent, actually suprisingly so. Once the copy was finished it was formatted and ready for uploading to WordPress or Fusion HQ. I was personally so impressed I’m hoping we can get Leon Jay on to talk about FusionHQ, because frankly if he can work that kind of magic with Copy and Copy Sniper, I would love to see what he can do with FusionHQ.

In Summation, Copy Sniper gets my highest recommendation. It’s an amazing, time saving, piece of software you could easily base your online business off of. We run on copy and conversions so it would be a great investment in your business for writing persuasive emails and sales letters. You can see the full video below as well as some screen shots from our interview. You can purchase Copy Sniper, which is actually closed to the general public, at so this is your only backdoor access to this incredible software.

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